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Baltimore Ravens 2013 Schedule

The NFL has officially released the 2013 schedule, here's who the Baltimore Ravens will play.


Week 1: @ Denver Broncos (September 5th, 8:30pm)

Week 2: vs. Cleveland Browns (September 15th, 1:00pm)

Week 3: vs. Houston Texans (September 22nd, 1:00pm)

Week 4: @ Buffalo Bills (September 29th, 1:00pm)

Week 5: @ Miami Dolphins (October 6th, 1:00pm)

Week 6: vs. Green Bay Packers (October 13th, 1:00pm)

Week 7: @ Pittsburgh Steelers (October 20th, 4:25pm)

Week 8: Bye Week

Week 9: @ Cleveland Browns (November 3rd, 4:25pm)

Week 10: vs. Cincinnati Bengals (November 10th, 1:00pm)

Week 11: @ Chicago Bears (November 17th, 1:00pm)

Week 12: vs. New York Jets (November 24th, 1:00pm)

Week 13: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (November 28th, 8:30pm)

Week 14: vs. Minnesota Vikings (December 8th, 1:00pm)

Week 15: @ Detroit Lions (December 16th, 8:40pm)

Week 16: vs. New England Patriots (December 22nd, 8:30pm)

Week 17: @ Cincinnati Bengals (December 29th, 1:00pm)