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NFL to Release Schedule on Thursday

After numerous date changes, it seems the NFL is finally set to release its regular season schedule on Thursday, April 18.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of recent speculation as to when the NFL would finally its regular season schedule for the 2013 season. Last week, the NFL announced that the schedule would be released by today, but this morning it was announced on that the schedule will, in fact, be released on Thursday, April 18th. Finally, we will know for certain who the Ravens will be playing the NFL regular season opener (although all signs point to Denver). We also know that the Ravens' 2013 opponents will include the entire AFC East and NFC North divisions, as well as two tough opponents in Denver and Houston. The game against Houston will be a home game, marking a surely emotional return to Baltimore for former Ravens' safety and future Hall of Famer Ed Reed. The Ravens will also see the Patriots, Jets, Vikings and Packers at home while making road trips to Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and Denver.