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Will Ravens Move Up Or Down?

The Baltimore Ravens are usually movers during the draft. Which way will they go this time?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are picking 32nd in the 2013 NFL Draft and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hopefully we will be picking 32nd next season too. As for this year, picking late in the first round is actually seen as a good scenario for most teams, as the talent level in the first round is mostly level. Meaning there aren't too many projected superstars at the top of the draft with a defined drop off after those few players.

The Ravens have 12 picks this year as well so, if they do see someone they want falling down the draft board, they have the ammunition to package some picks together to trade up and get their man. I doubt the team would move more than five or six picks up to get a guy but stranger things have happened. The only way I see them doing this would be if there is an elite type left tackle that has fallen into the mid to late 20's for some reason. Now that Baltimore has added some key players via free agency some of their more glaring needs don't seem so glaring.

Although they may not end up moving up in the first round I do see the team moving around in the early to mid rounds to grab some select players. If the ravens were to use all 12 of their draft picks that would be a whole lot of roster spots taken by rookie players. The Ravens may look to put a couple of picks together to get some guys they really like rather than bring in pure volume. that is, unless every thing goes as planned and every player they want falls to them, which never happens.

I suppose the team could look to move back out of the first round if all the players they have first round grades on are taken by the time they are ready to do some shopping but the possibility of Baltimore moving up this year seems far more likely. As usual you never know what's going to happen with Ozzie Newsome at the helm though, and that just makes it all the more exciting.