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James Harrison Will Sign With Bengals

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After being cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers, James Harrison's name has floated around in free-agency rumors this offseason. In fact, a few of us Baltimore Ravens fans were even rallying for Ozzie Newsome to sign Harrison so we wouldn't have to play against him anymore. Well it looks like the dream of getting Harrison out of our hair once and for all is all for nothing. ESPN is reporting that the Cincinnati Bengals will be signing the veteran LB this upcoming week which means we will have to see him twice a year, yet again.

In recent years, however, James Harrison's level of play has been dropping ever-so-slightly and it is quite possible his good days are behind him. So while this signing is still surely a solid pick-up for our divisional rival, I don't think Harrison will make as much of an impact as he would've about four or five years ago.