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Receiver in the First Round?

With all the new faces on the Ravens, wide receiver remains as a need.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The recent acquisition of Rolando McClain has improved the Baltimore Ravens depth on defense. But the question still remains as to who they will pick in the first round. In my opinion, since they have picked up a starting linebacker, pass rusher and safety, the Ravens will go for offense.

I think the most likely choice at this point is a receiver. They will likely not be able to get Tavon Austin, but if they like one of the other receivers, they should be there when the Ravens pick. The group going into the draft is fairly unknown, but there are some good players to be had.

The Ravens should look long and hard at one of the two Tennessee receivers. They both had very good years despite being on a very bad team. Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson played against SEC defenses and could be good picks for the Ravens in the first round. With everything that has gone on in the offseason, I think that receiver is the way to go in the first round.