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Da'rick Rogers a Major Talent For a Low Price

Da'rick Rogers is a first round talent that may fall because of some maturity issues. I for one would love to see him lining up wide wearing purple and black.

Kevin C. Cox

Da’Rick Rogers could fall to third or fourth round according to some people who follow college football. He’s easily a first or second round talent but because of some maturity and drug problems could fall. Rogers played two seasons at Tennessee and in his sophomore season led the SEC in both receptions and receiving yards with 67 and 1,040 respectively. He was suspended for the 2012 season for failing 3 drug tests and he transferred to Tennessee Tech where he played his junior season. In his lone season at Tennessee Tech, he caught 61 passes for 893 yards and 10 touchdowns and decided to forgo his senior season and enter the NFL draft. He had a problem with drugs in the past but while at Tennessee Tech he passed 10 drug tests.

I bring him up because watching highlights he reminded me a little of the recently departed Anquan Boldin. He went across the middle some and many times went up strong for the ball and took the ball from the defenders like Anquan did. I’ve seen comparisons that said he was like Boldin but faster. Looking at their stats it is a close comparison, Rogers is an inch taller and a few pounds heavier. Rogers runs a 4.5 40 yard dash while Anquan runs a 4.7. Not only that but Da’Rick has a vertical jump six inches higher and broad jumps a foot and a half longer. These comparisons aren’t from this past year either. These stats are comparisons from their NFL combines and it is safe to say that Anquan isn’t the athlete he was when he was drafted 10 years ago. With the many wide receivers we have on the roster it may be possible to draft Rogers in the later rounds and let him sit for a year and work on some of the things he needs to become a possible star in the NFL.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this kid fell into our laps and turned out to be one of those amazing value picks that we have all come to know and love from Ozzie.