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2013 Things To Look Forward To

There are a lot of changes in Baltimore to look forward to in the 2013 football season. What are you looking forward to the most?

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

1.) Ravens new defensive line.

We all hope this will be something to look forward to. With the signings of Chris Canty Marcus Spears and Elvis Dumervil the Ravens look to have a more prominent run defense and pass rush in 2013. Add in a healthy Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and Pernell McPhee and this years defensive front could be very special.

2.) The return of Lardarius Webb.

The Baltimore Ravens best defensive back will be coming off of his second major knee surgery in three years. He came back from the first one on top of his game, let's hope he can do the same this year. The Ravens are counting on him to lead a mostly inexperienced secondary.

3.) Joe Flacco's first full year under new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell.

If the 2012 playoffs were any gauge of what Jim Caldwell will be able to do for Joe Flacco then the city of Baltimore is in for quite a show in 2013. Flacco had one of the best post seasons of all time with Caldwell running the offense. Let's hope this continues. Another big factor to Flacco's success was the Ravens revamped offensive line with Bryant McKinnie at left tackle. This is the one area the team has yet to address this off season.

4.) Bernard Pierce in his second year as a pro.

The Ravens have a Pro Bowl running back in Ray Rice but they may have found another one in Pierce. Expect Pierce to get more of a work load in 2013 now that he has shown his skills do translate to the NFL. The Ravens will have a very talented backfield again in 2013.

5.) The McClain duo in the middle.

If Jameel McClain is able to return fully healthy from his spinal chord contusion, and if Rolando McClain is able to return to a dominant force in the middle of the football field the Ravens could once again host one of the best line-backing cores in the NFL. Suggs, McClain, McClain and Dumervil... Yeah, that's nasty.