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Chargers Talking to McKinnie

The San Diego Chargers have reportedly contacted Bryant McKinnie's agent to begin contract negotiations.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Bryant McKinnie had a turbulent season in 2012, struggling to keep weight off and losing his starting job. McKinnie was able to shed the extra weight and was reinserted into the Ravens' lineup come playoff time, where he was an integral piece of a much improved Baltimore line during their post-season run. McKinnie has stated that he would like to return to Baltimore, but he will not come at a hometown discount. There hasn't been too much interest in McKinnie's services around the league as other teams are concerned about his weight as well as his age (34). According to a WNST-AM interview, McKinnie's talks with the Ravens have ended and will not resume until after the NFL Draft. McKinnie has reportedly been contacted by the San Diego Chargers and has been talking with the team since Tuesday.