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The Case for DeAndre Hopkins


The Ravens met with Clemson receiver DeAndre Hopkins at the combine and have maintained interest since then, eyeing him as a potential prospect in the coming draft. Some quick stats on the man: he ran a 4.49 40-yd dash, has a 10" size hand, 33-1/4" arm length, and is projected as the 6th overall receiver in the draft by ESPN.

The Ravens clearly like him for a reason, and the tape proves it too. He's got size at 6'1'' 214 pounds, something we could use in the receiving corps, especially now that Boldin's out. He started 24 and played in all 27 games of his last two years at Clemson, so is a durable player, especially considering the mild concussion he suffered in a car accident in late 2011.

As far as intangibles go he is the only ACC player ever to record at least 50 catches as a freshman and sophomore. He also has a great work ethic and is a very driven individual, which is something I personally value highly, especially if you're going to follow the ranks of guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

He also exhibits incredible ball skills and is aggressive on the field. He'll be a great target for Joe Flacco's long balls because his specialty is catching over the head. He can also adjust to vertical routes on the fly, and has great take-off burst on vertical routes. He's physical like Boldin, and is known to be as determined on the field as he is off, always fighting for the extra yard and willing to dive if necessary.

Overall he's a great receiver and his potential exceeds his projected rank in the draft, but he obviously has to prove his play in the big league before adequate review can be made. He does have to work on his in-game focus and getting in and out of breaks as well as making cuts. If you want to see his best clutch play in action check out Clemson's last game of the season against LSU where he finished with 13 catches for 191 yards and 2 touchdowns. That game will show you why I believe DeAndre Hopkins fits in the Ravens offense.