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Urlacher A Good Mentor For McClain

Would LB Rolando McClain benefit by the presence of a veteran such as former Bears LB Brian Urlacher?


Some wagering sites have the Baltimore Ravens listed as the favorites to sign former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. However, that was probably before the Ravens signed former Oakland Raiders LB Rolando McClain yesterday.

At the same time, while the team still has Jameel McClain, Josh Bynes and Albert McClellan as well as the recently announced move of Bryan Hall for DT to LB, would the addition of the former Bears All-Pro benefit the young, troubled newest Raven?

Before you jump all over this and say the team does not need Urlacher and between McClain and the others as well as a possible draft pick, look at it this way: Urlacher may only play another year, at least for Baltimore. During that time, he might only be a two-down player, coming out for a faster guy on obvious passing downs.

His main benefit to the Ravens would be to mentor Rolando about how to recognize offenses, watch tape and behave like a professional both on and off the field. McClain was literally in the 'Black Hole,' as Oakland has been known. First round draft picks have not fared well in Oakland over the past several years.

The Ravens have signed former Raiders first round pick, safety Michael Huff. Former Maryland Terrapin Darrius Heyward-Bey was a first round pick by Oakland and he is no longer there. Of course, QB JaMarcus Russell was the first overall pick by the Raiders and is known as perhaps the biggest bust in NFL Draft history.

Oakland's losses appear to be Baltimore's gains, with Huff and now McClain finding their way to the defending Super Bowl Champs. Having a double-digit veteran around to teach the 23 year old McClain the ropes might be worth whatever the Ravens have to pay Urlacher.

With McClain's deal a reported paltry $700,000 in football terms, another $2 million for Urlacher's services would offer Brian that one final chance at a Super Bowl ring and a chance to be a leader in a position that was long known as the voice of the team.

Think about it, it might just be a good idea. Of course, have faith in Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, who will decide yay or nay, if he hasn't already made up his mind on what direction to go in regarding this possibility.