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McClain Duo Could Be Dominant For Baltimore

The Ravens are reportedly very close to closing a deal with former Oakland Raider Rolando McClain.

Scott Boehm

Sure, Rolando McClain has had some issues since he joined the NFL and as a former 8th overall draft pick you could label him a bust at this point of his career. As true as those two previous statements are, one of the best general managers in the game Ozzie Newsome is still interested in bringing Rolando to Baltimore to be a possible center piece to the Ravens revamped 2013 defense.

Is it possible Ozzie knows something we don't? Yes, not just possible but probable and pretty much assured at this point. Ozzie has probably forgotten more about scouting player talent than most of us will ever know. McClain is still just 23 years old and stands 6'4" 260 lbs. He was the captain of the Alabama defense when he was there and has shown to have the ability to pay at a high level in the NFL. Unfortunately the situation in Oakland didn't seem to do enough for Rolando to keep him focused on football. hopefully joining the current Super Bowl Champions and possibly replacing the greatest linebacker to ever play the game in Ray Lewis will be enough to keep him motivated.

If everything works out and the Ravens do come to a deal with McClain and current Ravens inside linebacker Jameel McClain is able to come back from his spinal chord contusion to start the season, the Ravens starting inside linebackers could have gone from question mark to strong point on the defense. That is, assuming both McClain's are able to play up to expectations.

The Ravens have brought in a lot of former first round talent this off season with McClain, Michael huff and Marcus Spears. This organization has always been known for being able to get the best out of their players. If this trend continues the Ravens could have some serious players on their new defense this season and the team should be well ahead of last years squad defensively. It is still early but I am really liking what I am seeing from the reigning world champions.