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Ravens WR Needs

Jeff Gross

As of now the starting wide receivers for next season will likely be Torrey Smith, Tandon Doss, and Jacoby Jones (depending on whether he plays return man or receiver). We could also utilize Dennis Pitta at wideout if needed because he is a versatile tight end; I'm sure John Harbaugh will find a way to fit him into the rotation appropriately. David Reed would also be a viable option somewhere in there.

The concern is the fact that Tandon Doss, David Reed, Deonte Thompson, and Tommy Streeter have combined for a total of 17 career receptions and 1 touchdown. Obviously this is due to these guys being relatively young players who have experience playing behind stars like Smith, Boldin, and even Todd Heap. They are not superstars by any measure, but I have seen David Reed's potential, and believe that he and Dennis Pitta could do great things.

I've always been a big Torrey Smith fan, further reinforced by his being a Terp alum. So I am excited to see the receiving offense developing around him because I know he will do big things for this team. It would behoove Baltimore to select a receiver early in the draft to complement Smith and fill the void Boldin left. Possible options include: Cal's Keenan Allen, Clemson's DeAndre Hopkins, and Louisiana Tech's Quinton Patton. Joe Flacco's ridiculous contract would certainly see some merit if the Ravens took that route.