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Damontre Moore And The Baltimore Ravens: A Match Made In Heaven?


With recent speculation that Dannell Ellerbe will be the Baltimore Ravens' next top priority to re-sign this offseason, it is becoming more and more likely that Paul Kruger will be the odd man out in Baltimore. If this does indeed happen to be the case, I believe the Baltimore Ravens will look to the Draft to fill this need.

A lot of mock-drafts have the Baltimore Ravens taking Kevin Minter or Manti Te'o (both middle-linebackers), but I think the front-office has faith that Dannell Ellerbe can fill Ray Lewis' void. I do, however, think Baltimore will draft a defensive player in the first round of the Draft. Ozzie Newsome has made it clear that he's looking to solidify the middle of the defense this offseason.

Damontre Moore is a 6-4, 250 lb. defensive-end from Texas A&M who projects to switch back-and-fourth from DE and OLB in a 3-4 defense in the NFL. Moore is a flat-out stud who has all of the tools necessary to be a successful NFL player. He's a powerful pass-rusher who gets off the ball in a flash and gets to the QB even faster. His only downside is that he over-commits to the pass-rush which often leads to him being a non-factor in stopping the run. However that's exactly what the Baltimore Ravens drafted Courtney Upshaw for last year. I think Moore has the potential to be a talented pass-rusher who can compliment Terrell Suggs splendidly on pass-rush packages. If he can improve his ability to stop the run then he certainly has staying-potential in the NFL.

I think the Baltimore Ravens and Damontre Moore would be a match made in heaven. What do you guys think?