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Could Ravens go for Early Round Wide Out?

With the possibility of either Jacoby Jones or Anquan Boldin not being with the team next season, could the Ravens go wide receiver early in the draft?

David Welker

As of this moment the Baltimore Ravens gave a very nice receiving core. They have the burner in Torrey Smith, who may have proven to be one of the top three deep threats in the NFL in 2012. They have the strong handed possession receiver in Anquan Boldin, who has shown time and time again that speed doesn't matter in his game. then, this season they rounded the offense out nicely with a big play third option.

At this point I'd put the Ravens top three receivers up there with any other three in the league, especially since they have "bazooka" Joe Flacco throwing them bombs. However we have also seen how the loss of just one of those pieces can alter the entire offense. If Smith or Jones were to go down or end up too expensive for the team., opposing defenses would be able to keep an extra safety up in the box to double cover Boldin. Or, if Boldin were to go down Flacco would have to rely heavily on his tight ends who just aren't as beastly against a nickle corner as they would be against a linebacker or safety.

With this in mind, could the Rave also see receiver as a need heading into the 2013 NFL Draft? The team does have some young talent that has been knocking at the door like Tandon Doss, La'Quan Williams, Tommy Streeter, Deonte Thompson and, well.. David Reed I guess. As I said these players are knocking at the door not breaking it down. Although I would like to see a bit more of Thompson on game days the Ravens seem to be giving what little extra reps there are to Tandon Doss. Understandable I guess. Quarterback Joe Flacco did "hand pick" him in the draft just two years ago. Doss is a hands guy, somewhat similar to Boldin. That is, without the obvious strength and added awesomeness that Anquan possess. They say the kid has some wheels but I really haven't been too impressed as of yet.

The Ravens like to say they stick to their draft philosophy of "best player available". In a year that is dominated By linebackers and defensive linemen, might a top notch receiver manage to slip all the way down to the Ravens drafting position? If one did, would Ozzie pull the trigger knowing that we have so many other holes to fill? What do you think Ravens Nation? Should the Ravens take a stab at a wide out early in the draft if the right player falls? Or, should they stick to filling out the positions which need the most attention?

Now that Joe is the 100 million dollar man maybe the team should keep reloading him with more offensive weapons. At least that is one way of showing that his contract was worth it. Besides, don't you just want to give Jim Caldwell more toys to play with??