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Roger Goodell Insists NFL Must Become Safer

Doug Pensinger

During a question-and-answer lecture at the University of North Carolina Roger Goodell emphasized player safety. In his continued crusade for player safety Goodell has made a bit of progress each year and he looks to continue this trend in this upcoming offseason. An example of this progress can be seen in the amount of concussions in the NFL which have gone down roughly 40% since the rule has been put in place to move the spot of the kick-off to the 35-yard line. And while this is progress, it is simply not enough for the very protective commissioner.

Roger Goodell: "We know that in order to secure the future, we can and must do more to make the game safer, and in the process, we will make other sports safer as well." (via ESPN)

I'm all for trying to promise player safety however I feel like there is a certain line that Roger Goodell is crossing; by trying to preserve the game he is putting forth policies that are doing just the opposite. If he continues down this path there may not be a game left to preserve. Your thoughts?