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Flacco Celebrates At McDonald's

What did Joe Flacco do after signing his huge $120.6 million contract yesterday?

Harry How

After a sports star signs a multi-million dollar deal, you hear the stories of the expensive new car, or cars, a big mansion, the glittering diamonds and other expensive luxuries. Rarely do you hear the tale of the player getting into his automobile by himself, heading home but stopping at McDonald's for a quick meal.

That's not surprising to Baltimore Ravens fans, hearing this about their newly paid QB. However, Joe Flacco has always been looked at and acts like a down-to-earth guy and his press conference after signing the deal that made him the highest paid player in NFL history.

Flacco signed the deal and met with the media afterwards, then apparently headed back up I-95 towards Delaware. He must have forgotten to grab a bite in Owings Mills at the team's Training Facility, because he pulled up to the drive-thru at the local McDonald's in Aberdeen, Maryland, according to a story on

As mentioned in the article, Flacco decided to skip the Value Meal and splurged instead on Chicken McNuggets, fires and iced tea. The surprised staff recognized him, took his photo and thanked him for a great season. Being the great guy he is, he smiled for the camera and chatted with the workers before pulling away and heading home.

Flacco really is a "regular Joe."