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Ed Reed Wants To Stay In Baltimore

Ed Reed had a long interview on The NFL Network today in which he stated his desire to stay in Baltimore for the rest of his career.


Ed Reed has had quite the lively off season since his first Super Bowl. He seems to be everywhere all the time. From hosting the Academy Awards for the NFL network to singing "Two Tickets To Paradise" in front of the entire city of Baltimore he has really enjoyed this post season and is taking it for all it's worth.

While on The NFL Network today for an extended interview he was asked many questions. He was even paired up with the actual Eddie Money, who happens to be a 49ers fan but held the Ravens in high regard, to sing together via telephone. How ever the one quest6ion that caught my attention was when he was asked about his relationship with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and the possibility of Reed playing in New England in the future.

Most Ravens fans remember that Reed was asked this question earlier this off season and said he would be open to the idea and liked coach Belichick very much. Of course, in typical Baltimore media fashion, the comments were blown way out of proportion and Reed was battered with questions about his comments.

This time he handled the situation much differently. Ed said that he had much respect for the Patriots organization but wishes to remain a Raven as long as possible. He acknowledged that he has not heard from the Ravens organization yet about a new contract but hopes to soon.

Once again reed sparkled in the spot light and once again made Ravens fans proud that he is a part of our organization, for now. We can only hope that his love for Baltimore and his teammates carries some weight when the contract talks to start because the team will be limited in what they are able to spend on Reed and he knows it.