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Ravens On The Clock

The SB Nation NFL Writer's Mock Draft is at the end of the first round and the Ravens are on the clock.

Joe Murphy

Baltimore Beatdown is making the selection at pick #32 of the first round of the SB Nation NFL Writer's Mock Draft. Although the player's name won't be revealed until later in the week, the deadline to submit it is Monday. Many of the players who were suggested in comments from the related story last week (SB Nation Writer's NFL Mock Draft) are long gone, although a few of the names remain to be taken.

With most of the guys whose names were posted in the previous story's comment no longer available. Here's the list of guys who are still on the board and perhaps a good fit for the Ravens as either Best Player Available or to fill a need as an immediate starter or as valuable depth.

Manti Te'o, ILB - Notre Dame

Kevin Minter, ILB - LSU

Eric Reid, S - LSU

Manelik Watson, OT - FSU

Matt Elam, S - Florida

These seem to be the guys who were mentioned the most and the few others whose names were suggested appear to be a reach in the first round and seem to be better suited for the second round at the earliest. With this in mind, and the ability to trade down not an option in this Mock Draft, who would you recommend I select as the Baltimore Ravens pick?