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Ravens News Around The Web

Here's the most recent news on the Ravens from other media sources around the web.

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Michael Crabtree of San Francisco 49ers says he was blinded temporarily from impact of hit - ESPN
49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who was targeted on the team's last three plays of Super Bowl XLVII, said Thursday that he lost vision after being hit hard in the face near the goal line on third down.

Super Bowl-winning coach failed to inspire Indiana
It's already been established that Indiana's season is a failure, thanks to its Sweet 16 exit via Syracuse. Now, Hoosiers fans know who to blame for the performance. John Harbaugh

Eight in the Box: WR status check - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
How does each team look at wide receiver and what still needs to be done? Baltimore Ravens: This is the most glaring need on offense.

Joe Flacco: Baltimore Ravens QB earned his money

Joe Flacco being elite is always up for debate, but there is one stat where he leads all in the crucial times.

Ravens FS Michael Huff hopes to extend Ed Reed's legacy | Boston Herald

Michael Huff doesn't expect to fill Ed Reed's shoes as the last line of the Baltimore Ravens defense. He's just honored to follow in Reed's footsteps.

The market isn't always what it's cracked up to be | National Football Post

The 2013 offseason saw NFL teams exercising fiscal restraint.