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Cary Williams (Rightfully) Feels He's Not A Priority


With Joe Flacco getting his contract extension completed, the Baltimore Ravens can now make their mass exodus of upcoming UFAs a priority. And now that #1 is off the list the question that now presents itself is who is #2? Some people argue that the next most important player to re-sign is Anquan Boldin while others may argue Paul Kruger or Dannell Ellerbe's case. However, I can't think of anyone who considers Cary Williams as the second or even third most important priority moving forward. Apparently neither can he:

Cary Williams “The team reached out to me and told me what the top priorities were, and those obviously were the quarterback position (Flacco) and the middle linebacker position (Dannell Ellerbe). Everything outside of that would have to be a bonus I guess, so it is what it is.

We have a lot of depth at corner and a lot of depth in the defensive backfield, so I just think I’m not necessarily a priority right now" (Via

Williams makes a good point in terms of depth seeing as how he'd more than likely start off the beginning of next season as our third or fourth corner. Williams wants to get paid like a #1 corner (as he made evident with his rejection of a 3-year, $15-million deal prior to last season) and after a solid 2012 season he may have to look elsewhere for his pay-day as Baltimore's wallet will be a bit tight by the time they get to him.

I send Cary the best of wishes wherever he may go. He had an extremely solid 2012 season and was a crucial piece in the Ravens' journey for the Lombardi, however I don't see him walking on the field in purple and black come week one of next season.