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Ray Lewis and Ray Rice Advance in Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote

The Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote has advanced to the third round with Ray Lewis and Ray Rice advancing in the competition.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As the #2 seed, Ray Lewis will face #3 seed Barry Sanders in the 3rd round. As the #5 seed, Ray Rice will face #1 seed Robert Griffin III in the 3rd round. Voting totals for the campaign so far have approached 30 million, almost ten million more than last year’s vote total for the entire campaign.

The third round polls are now open as fans can visit today through April 3 to vote daily for their favorite cover athlete candidates to advance to the next round. Every Wednesday throughout the campaign, fans can tune in to ESPN’s SportsNation to see which players advance further in the competition culminating in the winner being announced live on April 24.

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