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The Next Ravens Free Agent Target?

Are the recent signings the end of dipping into veteran free agency for the Ravens?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens did not jump at the start of free agency to sign the most sought after high-priced free agents on the market. They stood pat in their strategy to not pay out the huge bucks that even some of their own players got from other teams, even though it appeared they preferred them to stay with the team.

GM Ozzie Newsome had a plan all along and had no intention from straying from the path and showed why he is so respected and even Adam Schein tweeted:

"It is the Baltimore Ravens world and we are just living in it."

With the recent signings, does this signal the need of the Ravens bargain basement signings, or could there be a few more as we get both closer to the NFL Draft late next month and the roster cut-downs in both June and late-summer?

The Ravens have found significant contributors over the years in the summer months. Steve McNair, Bernard Pollard and Bryant McKinnie all came to the team long after free agency seemed to be over, so don't for a second think that the Ravens front office isn't combing the rosters and wire reports to see whose trash could be the team's next treasures.

One position appears to be overlooked in all of the signings so far. The Ravens have addressed the defensive line, outside linebacker and safety but the inside linebacker position continues to have a definitive pair of starters. The two names that have been mentioned include the still-unsigned Karlos Dansby and still-an-Oakland-Raider-but-for-how long Rolando McClain.

Dansby is one of the biggest names on the market but his list of suitors is either unsure or not rich enough to sign him. At the same time, he could be waiting for a playoff contender to come calling (see Baltimore Ravens), in order to get that final shot at the frequently mentioned Super Bowl ring.

McClain has been a troubled player in Oakland and may be considered a risky proposition for most teams, including the Raiders, who could release him shortly. Although his off-the-field issues precede him, there is no question that he has the requisite skills to be a solid player on the right team (see Baltimore Ravens).

Either one of these players would fill the void at inside linebacker, although the thought of a McClain-McClain duo could be a bit difficult to sort out in a scrum of tacklers.

Are the Ravens done dipping into the free agency pool? Doubtful.