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Michael Huff Gives Ravens New Coverage Options

The addition of corner/safety Michael Huff will give the Ravens added versatility in their coverage schemes.

Ezra Shaw
While playing as an Oakland Raider Michael Huff was asked to play every position in the secondary and he excelled at each of them. Huff is physical and strong enough to help out in run support as a strong safety and has the coverage skills to match up man to man down field in the secondary. The Baltimore Ravens have always preached versatility with their players and love the idea of "organized Chaos". With Huff in the secondary they will be able to disguise their blitz packages and coverage packages even more. No one will ever be able to replace former Ravens safety Ed Reed on or off the field in the city of Baltimore but at this stage od Reed's career, Huff could be a potential upgrade at the free safety position simply because of his versatility. Reed missed more tackles last season than Huff has missed in his previous three combined. Add in the fact that he will only be expected to play one position here in Baltimore insteade of being moved all over the field in Oakland and the potential for a breakout season becomes more and more apparent for Huff. The Ravens have kept a close eye on Huff ever since he was drafted sixth over all in the 2006 NFL Draft. The Ravens player development department and coaching staff has always liked the idea of having a safety capable of matching up man to man with a wide out or tight end and they feel that is exactly what they have in Huff. Defensive coordinator Dean Pees is known for disguising his coverage and blitz packages well. tha addition of such a versatile player will only help him this season as the Ravens pass rush should be an upgrade to last season. With the added pass rush Huff may be able to add to his interception numbers as well.