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Ravens' Jameel McClain Won't Need Surgery

After a string of bad news to start the off season the Ravens are finally getting some good news for next season.

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Jamie Squire

Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker Jameel McClain will not be needing surgery on spinal cord injury.

Doctors told McClain that the spinal cord contusion he sustained in the Week 14 loss to the Redskins last season is "resolving itself," and is unlikely to require surgery, per USA Today.

This is great news for a Ravens team that, really hasn't had a designated starter at inside linebacker yet heading into the 2013 season. McClain was the starter ahead of Danell Ellerbe who recently signed a very lucrative deal with the Miami Dolphins as part of their off season free agent spending spree.

If Jameel is able to return to his previous form for Baltimore that would sure up one of the teams biggest needs this off season. Then, if the Ravens don't see any inside linebackers they desire in the early rounds of the 2013 draft, they could conceivably start next season with McClain and Albert McClellan on the inside with Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil on the outside with second year player Courtney Upshaw in the mix on the outside as well.

The Ravens have spent the early part of free agency beefing up the defensive line. Now, with McClain scheduled to return by the beginning of the season the defense looks just that much stronger and perhaps the team can focus on drafting the best player available as they often do instead of having to draft for need.