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Ravens To Open At Steelers, Broncos Or Bears

Perhaps Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said it best in a recent interview, that the team had to play eight home and eight away games, so what difference does it really make?

Patrick Smith

The Baltimore Ravens were unable to work out the logistics with the Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball, so now the defending Super Bowl Champions will buck the decade-long tradition and open the 2013 regular season on the road.

The Ravens perhaps could have opened at home on either Sunday or Monday night, but head coach John Harbaugh said he preferred the Thursday Night Football opener even though the team would be the visitor. This way, the team gets the long break to prepare for week two instead of a short week off of the Sunday or Monday night games.

The NFL always wants to see a match-up of top teams to open the regular season, so, according to a story on, this means that Baltimore will either head to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears. Pittsburgh offers one of the best rivalries in the NFL, with games between these two teams usually decided by a field goal.

Denver brings back memories of the team's thrilling AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game that went into double overtime before the Ravens pulled out the victory as part of their improbable Super Bowl run. The recent signing of Elvis Dumervil only adds to the drama, as he will return to the only team he had known in his six-year NFL career before signing with the Ravens.

The least exciting of the three possible match-ups, at least for Ravens' fans, is the one in Chicago. However, that would appeal to the fans of the NFC fans, with the Windy City being one of the biggest television markets in the country. All three potential opponents would be tough games for the Ravens, as the three teams are expected to compete for a post season spot and would love to deflate the ego of the World Champs on national TV to open the season.

Which game would Ravens fans want to see with their team forced to be visitors on week one? Vote below.