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Ed Reed's Farewell


Ed Reed took out a full page ad in yesterday's Baltimore Sun to offer his goodbye to Baltimore. Here's what he had to say:

Ravens Nation, My eleven seasons in Baltimore were more than I would have ever imagined, which is why I have such deep love for you all. I will forever cherish my time with the Ravens and the chills that ran down my spine when I finally kissed the Lombardi Trophy.

Special thanks to the City, Team, Organization and all the Fans! I'm going to miss being a part of this tremendous team and organization, but I'll always be Baltimore and my Foundation will remain in this community, this is not a goodbye, but a See You Soon.

Thank you for everything Baltimore, God Bless you.


People like Ed Reed are hard to come by; he is an inspirational, dedicated individual, and a remarkable athlete. In his final years with the Ravens he toughed out injuries, hip surgery, and denounced rumors of retirement so that he could join the championship winning roster of last year.

I have joyous memories of watching Ed's exciting interceptions growing up. He always seemed to add some flare when the game was getting boring, or give us hope when the Ravens were losing. He is definitely one of my favorite players. Who could deny his scruffy beard, or his humble demeanor, or the way he makes playing safety look so easy. His legacy includes 9 pro-bowl appearances, 62 career interceptions (5.16 per season), 8 career interception touchdown returns, and 1,547 career interception return yards (which is an NFL record). He is also the only player ever to return an interception, punt, blocked punt, and fumble for a touchdown. In addition, his 108 yard 'pick six' against the Eagles is the longest in history. All hail the 'Interception King'.

Reed's 12 years of effort and leadership finally paid off last month when he won his first and only Super Bowl. I'm glad he earned a ring with Baltimore before heading elsewhere, it is a testament to his legacy as a Raven.

Here is a highlight video that only begins to do the man justice: