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Dumervil Using Ravens Against Broncos?

The longer Elvis Dumervil holds out on signing a contract with either team the more it looks like the Ravens might just be a pawn in his chess game with Denver ever since the paperwork "mishap".


Former Denver Bronco's pass rusher Elvis Dumervil might have never intended on strapping on his pads and donning the purple and black for the Baltimore Ravens. He may have simply used the Ravens need for another pass rusher to drive up his own price for the Denver Broncos.

Look at the situations. The Broncos' have offered more up front money, he wouldn't have to pack up and move his things to Baltimore and he would be a key part in a team that has upgraded in the off season again and features one of the best players to play the game in Peyton Manning.

Why would you leave that for the Super Bowl Champion who lost half of their defensive starters, their two future Hall Of Fame players and their go to guy on offense, for less upfront money? It makes more sense that he would want to stay in Denver when you look at the two teams on paper now but will that be the case when the season opens? Yeah, probably, but the Ravens will have closed the gap considerably. Maybe one of the things that Ozzie Newsome shared with Dumervil and his people is his plan for staying competitive and in the playoff hunt for another five years. So as maybe the Broncos might look like the shiny new better team today, tomorrow the Ravens will once again be picking 32nd in the NFL draft.

Maybe that is what has Caused Elvis Dumervil to sweat this one out day after day with no answer. The Ravens are one of the most respected organizations in the NFL. They have a top flight drafting department, a top tier work out and recreational center and most importantly a long term solution at quarterback, Joe Flacco. Flacco has won the most games in his first five seasons in NFL history he has won more playoff games than any one in that span and he just came off one of the all time great playoff performances.

Yes, the Ravens lost many key contributors this off season but they do that every season now-a-days and every season they seem to be better for it overall. In Dumervil they would have just one more piece to that puzzle of the core players to this team. The Ravens could have told him that they see him as the eventual replacement for Terrell Suggs if his health does not return and that they are looking at paring him with some young daft stud they are going to trade up for to make this defense the dominant one it has been over the past decade.

Or, Ozzie might just have simply said "look at the obvious my son." "The Ravens are a proven winner, as a matter of fact winning is just what we do." "Do you have that in Denver?" "No, well that's okay because we can give it to you hear. Don't worry about how things look right now we are remodeling. Trust me it will look much better by the time the season starts."

Hopefully that is the case because the idea of being a pawn just doesn't sit well with people here in Baltimore.