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Vonta Leach: Stay or Go?

Ravens should do everything they can to keep Vonta Leach despite his cap number.


Many Baltimore Ravens fans have spoken about the possible departure of Vonta Leach. He has a large cap number for a fullback and the Ravens have other needs at this point. However, Vonta has become a key cog in the offense and the Ravens should do everything in their power to keep him.

Vonta plays a position that is underutilized in the NFL. Very few teams have a fullback that can block and catch the ball out of the back field. The Houston Texans gave him 2-3 touches per season, but with the Ravens he has gotten much more than that.

He has embraces the fans in the city and paves the way for Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. With the changing of the guard of leadership on the team from defense to offense, it is important that the Ravens have the best at every position. Leach adds a much needed wrinkle in the system. He is someone who can carry the ball in short yardage and be an outlet for Joe Flacco on certain plays.

Vonta is in the conversation for best fullbacks in the NFL and the Ravens need to retain these type of players. If Joe progresses at the same rate that he has in the first 5 years, then the Ravens will have one of the NFL’s top offenses.