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SB Nation Writer's NFL Mock Draft

SB Nation is holding their own Mock Draft and of course the Baltimore Ravens pick last in the first round.


No trades will be made in this Mock Draft, so each team will get their picks as currently assigned. The Baltimore Ravens earned the right to have the 32nd pick and I will be making it by the end of next week.

The first four picks are already in and the first overall pick by the re-building Kansas City Chiefs was Texas A&M offensive tackle, Luke Joeckel. Check out all the selections so far and keep abreast of the Mock Draft as it goes forward by following it on SB Nation.

As we get closer to the Ravens "pick," I will be taking recommendations for who you think I should put on my GM hat and make on their behalf. Do you think the Ravens need to take a player to re-build their defense or their offense? Do we take a wide receiver to replace Anquan Boldin or one of the many losses on the defensive side of the ball and which position?

Post the names and justification of the guys you'd like to see the Ravens get if still on the board at the end of the first round. I will let you know if those guys are still available as we get closer to my pick. Then get ready for round two!