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Much Ado About Nothing

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Due to a conflicting schedule with the Baltimore Orioles recent Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will find themselves opening up the 2013-2014 season on the road; making them the first Super Bowl champion to not open up the regular season at home in a decade. While this certainly seems like a hindrance to start off the season it really may end up being a blessing in disguise.

The Baltimore Ravens of next year will be a lot different from the Ravens of last year. These Ravens will be significantly younger and probably lacking a bit of chemistry due to all of the new faces that will be coming in. In a recent interview on his take of the schedule fiasco, owner Steve Bisciotti made a good point when he stated "when it comes down to it you have eight home games and eight away games."

Sure it's disappointing that the Ravens won't be opening at home, but this means that the Ravens will possibly have more home games later on in the season which will do wonders down the stretch for a young team that will be looking to make a play-off push late in the season. It's a fallback essentially; if the Ravens are hindered as bad as the pundits say by this offseason's exodus of free-agents then they will be able to enjoy the benefit of Baltimore's twelfth man later on in the season which could be what results in getting them back to the playoffs where they can have a chance to defend their title.

So keep your head up Baltimore. All is not lost.