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Ravens To Open Season On Road

Congratulations Ravens fans your team has just won the Super Bowl! Now you can open next season on national television in someone elses house, who didn't even make it to the Super Bowl.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl. Not only that but they beat just about every top ranked team in the AFC on their way. They played on the road throughout the playoffs besides their first round game and almost lost the Super Bowl due to a lighting failure in New Orleans. Now your telling me that they have to play next seasons opener on the road too? The home opener that they won by beating everyone they faced in the playoffs last season? You have got to be kidding me.

So in order to try and remedy this situation in the best possible manner the talking heads that were brought in were the MLBPA, the NFLPA, the MLB, the NFL and of course representatives from the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens and Chicago White Sox, who happen to be playing the Orioles here in Baltimore that Thursday night. How many of these representatives do you think really cared at all about the Baltimore Ravens and the fact that they went out and earned this nationally televised home game? A game that would, not only make money for the Ravens, but help the local economy of the city of Baltimore as well.There is a rock concert and all sorts of fan fair that surrounds the opening game of the NFL season in which the previous years champions host the game. Not to mention the 70,000 plus that would come to attend the game as well, but no, one Orioles home game is more important.

What are the Orioles going to draw in attendance for this game? Maybe 10,000, if they are lucky. Most likely way less than that because, duh, the Ravens are playing in the NFL opener at the same time!! I get it, there are so many parties involved that you can't blame the Orioles or Major League Baseball or the NFL or whoever you want to blame. This is just how it is and we are stuck with it. Well pardon me but that is bull$%&*!

I blame the NFL for not fighting hard enough for our team. I blame the MLB for thinking that they are even on the same level as the NFL in any way. I can't say I blame the Orioles because I just don't know exactly what happened and it was probably the players union in baseball that made this all so difficult in the first place.

In whatever case the Ravens and the city of Baltimore deserve this game and they are getting screwed out of it. This outcome is the worst possible scenario for this team and should have been avoided at all costs.