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SB Nation's March Madness 2013: NFL Touchdown Tourney

SB Nation took the best touchdowns from the 2012-13 season and stuck it in a bracket, to let you decide the winner.


SB Nation is holding their own version of March Madness, NFL-style. They are taking the best touchdowns of the 2012 season and seeding them to match them up by regions similar to the NCAA tournament. Teams are placed in their geographical regions and their best touchdowns go head-to-head to eliminate them until one champion is crowned.

The Baltimore Ravens are represented by Jacoby Jones in the East Regional. His 56-yard TD catch was considered the 4th seed in the East. Jones' grab is going up against the 5th seeded Indianapolis Colts' Vick Ballard's touchdown dive.

Click on the link above to cast your votes, especially for Jacoby.