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Ravens In Stalemate Until Boldin Returns

With the trade of Anquan Boldin held up, due to the wide receiver being in Africa and not being able to take his physical with the 49ers, the Ravens can't make many moves with his contract still on the books.


We can kind of get an idea of what the Baltimore Ravens want to do in free agency just by seeing their first two moves. Last year was a down year for the Ravens defense as teams seemed to be able to run on them at will. Terrence Cody had is worst year as a Pro and Haloti Ngata is falling into the Ed Reed category with his yearly nagging injuries that prohibit him from being his dominant self.

The team started the season without the presence of Terrell Suggs on the field and finished the season with a broken and battered Terrell Suggs, just trying to make it to the end. Arthur Jones and Paul Kruger were pleasant surprises by the end of the season and rookie 7th rounder DeAngelo Tyson even got in on a lot of the action due to the teams lack of depth on the defensive line.

The Ravens focus looks to be rebuilding this once dominant defense. Every dominant defense starts with the defensive line. You have to stop the run first. If a team can run all over you, why would they ever pass the ball? The signings of Chris Canty and Marcus Spears should help that cause as both are considered to be stout against the run.

What will the Ravens next move be? We really wont know until Anquan Boldin gets back from Africa and takes his physical with the 49ers. I'm assuming the team will look to add at least one veteran inside linebacker to work with Jameel McClain, Albert McClellan or whoever they draft.

It would also make sense for the team to do whatever they can to re-sign safety Ed Reed to sure up the safety position and entire secondary. However we don't know because there is not much the Ravens can do until Boldin returns. Hopefully there will still be much happening around the castle over the next few months but first things first I guess.