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Free Agent Watch

Jake Long, Brandon Lloyd top list of available free agents

Al Bello

Terrell Suggs once referred to the Ravens offensive line as the "Secret Service", a name given for their behind-the-scenes role in the success of the Ravens offense. Hopefully the Ravens re-sign Bryant McKinnie as planned so he can join Michael Oher up front again next year. But that still begs the question of who and how to replace the elite force of Matt Birk. Jake Long will likely sign with either the Rams or Dolphins, but he is a phenomenal tackle, and certainly wouldn't hurt being on our roster, especially if McKinnie doesn't re-sign.

If the Ravens don't pursue free agent Brandon Moore, another solid offensive linemen, Baltimore could look for Travis Frederick, a big center out of Wisconsin, or Brian Schwenke from Cal in the draft. I would strongly consider any of these options if I were Ozzie Newsome, because having Birk's backup Reggie Stephens start next year would be disastrous. Look for the Ravens personnel to make some moves at center this offseason.

For those of you who are still mourning the loss of Anquan Boldin, myself included, there is hope in Brandon Lloyd. Although he is by no means the star Boldin was for us, Lloyd has speed and quickness, with a keen ability to adapt mid-route. He also shares Boldin's downfield finesse which would make for a great match with Flacco's long balls (remember that Flacco's deep passes gave the Ravens wins over the Broncos and 49ers in the postseason).

In addition to Jake Long and Brandon Lloyd; Dwight Freeney, Karlos Dansby, Rey Maualuga, and Nick Barnett are now all free agents at linebacker, another important void to fill. Between these guys and the upcoming draft, the Ravens have many names with which to build a team around, but I think it'd be awesome if we signed Lloyd. Baltimore is a place where he could realize his full potential at wideout.