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Could Ravens Land Elvis Dumervil?

Baltimore Sun Reporter Aaron Wilson reports general manager Ozzie Newsome Says Dumervil is "firmly on the Ravens radar".


Could the Baltimore Ravens actually make a serious run at Pro Bowl pass rusher Elvis Dumerville? Dumervil is a young extremely talented player just hitting his stride in the NFL. The Ravens, as we all know, are in serious need of a pass rushing threat opposite Terrell Suggs.

With all the cuts and trades and free agency loses the Ravens do have a bit of money to play with but could they make a contract lucrative enough to sway the dangerous Dumervil to Baltimore? Baltimore Sum reporter Aaron Wilson says the Ravens will look to meet with him after the owners meetings.

Elvis becoming a free agent has created a very bad situation for the Denver Broncos who could be out bid for his talents since a paperwork mishap landed him on the free agent market. The Ravens have already shown a focus on rebuilding the defensive line by signing Chris Canty and Marcus Spears. They were already in talks with James Harrison and his agent for this position. The paperwork mishap in Denver could be a huge problem for the Denver Broncos. whether it's the Ravens or someone else, teams are going to be trying to sign him.

Of Course the Ravens would love to add Elvis Dumerville to their defensive front. Who wouldn't? The problem is teams may be able to offer more guaranteed money than the Ravens can. I'm sure they could figure some kind of back loaded deal for a young star in his prime but would Ozzie do something like that at this point? Getting a player with his talents may be worth it.

Maybe it's nothing but maybe this could be an exciting off season in Charm City yet.