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Understanding Ozzie

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This week has been a busy one for the Ravens. Ellerbe, Kruger and Boldin have all signed with other teams and Bernard Pollard was released yesterday. In addition, Amendola, the receiver I was really hoping we could get in lieu of Boldin, just signed a deal with the Pats, and Mike Wallace has joined our great Dannell Ellerbe in Miami. What does this mean for the leadership of the Baltimore Ravens? With the loss of some key veterans, there also emerges a loss of vocal leaders on the team. Especially when rumors about Ed Reed talking with the 49ers and Texans are surfacing (he's in Houston today).

For over a decade Ray Lewis was the prominent leader in the locker room, and he both demanded, and received complete respect from the rest of the team. Now that he is gone, someone must replace his role as motivator, and to be honest I was hoping that could be Reed. Although he is aging, and has a history of injuries, I believe he still possesses the fire required to win. For that reason, and the fact that he is a franchise player, I think we should resign him. It would just be wrong to see him retire in another jersey. I don't doubt Ozzie agrees, but let's hope he acts on a deal before it's too late.

I've been contemplating the happenings of Ozzie Newsome's mind over the past few days, attempting to make sense of the moves he's made. What I have deduced is that Ozzie is in full out rebuilding stage. I'm sure he will take advantage of the plethora of solid defensive prospects available in this draft, and in doing so, begin replacing the star power that once led that regime.

One could argue the Ravens won't be as good a team next year, but with Ozzie thinking long-term we can and will be a very serious contender about 2-3 years from now (not to say we can't be next year too). I don't have any informants in the Ravens front office, but this is the most practical conclusion I have been able to draw, seeing as Ozzie always has something up his sleeve.