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Free Agency Open Thread: Day Two

With a flurry of activity in the free agent feeding frenzy of Day One, there are still a boatload of more moves that should continue today.


Although the Baltimore Ravens seem to have been decimated by player personnel losses in the first hours of free agency, the team still has the ability to re-group and get good value at cheaper prices to begin refilling their roster.

Stick with Baltimore Beatdown as you did yesterday, with over 10,00 visits and 20,000 page views and comments galore on all the happenings. Post your thoughts and opinions on yesterday's moves and the ones that could happen to day.

The 2013 season has started and there are a ton of moves that will be made today, the next few days and up until the NFL Draft late next month. Then comes the June 1st deadline when teams will release other players to avoid paying team roster bonuses, which is where the Ravens found Bernard Pollard and Bryant McKinnie two years ago and could find more significant contributors this time around.

In Ozzie we trust.

Enjoy the day!