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Ravens Tender Dennis Pitta & Two Others

The Ravens submitted tenders for three players, ensuring the team the right to match any competing offer or receive the corresponding draft picks in return.

Harry How

The Baltimore Ravens placed a second-round tender on tight end Dennis Pitta and defensive lineman Arthur Jones, as well as a third-round tender on tight end Ed Dickson.In all probability, this means that the team will retain these three players, as the price for "stealing" them out from under the team is usually prohibitive to the other 31 NFL teams.

Pitta and Jones' second round tenders will pay each of them a little over $2 million in 2013. If another team wants to sign either, they will have to make an offer that the Ravens choose not to match and if not, they will have to give up a second round pick for the right to have them.

Dickson's original-round (3rd) tender will pay him $1.3 million and would cost a team their own third-rounder if they made an offer that the Ravens wouldn't match.

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