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NFL Free Agency Begins Now: 'Open Thread'

The NFL's version of "March Madness" begins at 4pm today, as league-wide free agency began at 4pm Tuesday (ET).

Patrick Smith

Keep it here with Baltimore Beatdown as we discuss all the happenings as the free agent feeding frenzy begins. The Baltimore Ravens are not expected to be early players, as the bigger names will be the first off of the open market.

Rumors have been going on regarding the Ravens' Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe, with Kruger all but gone to a bidding war between the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns. Ellerbe is a Ravens priority to re-sign, but the team will have competition from the Browns and perhaps the Cincinnati Bengals within the AFC North.

Post your thoughts and any rumors you hear below in the 'Comments Section' as part of this Free Agency 'Open Thread.' There's sure to be a lot of pre-4pm moves leaked out that will be confirmed throughout the day once they become official.

In addition, head on over to SB Nation, who will be updating all the moves and signings as soon as they happen.