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Who's out there? Top Wide Receivers in Free Agency

Now that Anquan Boldin has been shipped to San Fransisco, what possible replacements are out on the market?


It's official, Anquan Boldin will not be suiting up for the black and purple in 2013. Boldin possessed a unique skill set that combined toughness, strong hands, and an exceptional will to win. The loss is sure to be more than noticeable over the course of next season, but such is the business of the NFL. The Ravens are now more than likely to entertain the idea bringing in another receiver through free agency, but exactly what kind of talent is out there to help fill the void?

Topping the list is a group of 3 receivers who have proven to be elite playmakers in the NFL; Mike Wallace, Wes Welker and Greg Jennings. Wallace and Welker most likely will not be on the Ravens' radar because Wallace is looking cash in with a big contract and Welker will surely return to New England due to concerns about how he would fit in any other team's offense. Greg Jennings, however, could be a solid option to deepen the Ravens' receiving corps. It is unclear what type of money Jennings will be asking for, but concerns about his durability and his age could help lower the price tag. However, if it becomes a bidding war for Jennings, don't expect Ozzie Newsome to put too much stock in the former Green Bay playmaker.

As far as other receivers hitting the open market, none possess the star power of the aforementioned three, but there will be quite a few solid role players available at a reasonable price tag. Former Rams wideout Danny Amendola is an intriguing prospect who was incredibly productive in St. Louis when healthy, tallying 12 more catches than the Rams' next leading receiver despite missing 5 games due to injury. Steve Breaston, Josh Cribbs, Donnie Avery, Ted Ginn, and Devery Henderson are also available and could bring even more speed to a Baltimore receiving corps that already possesses a couple of burners in Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones. Finally, are the two fading stars Randy Moss and Braylon Edwards, each of whom poses significant effort and character questions and will not garner too much interest around the league.