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Evaluating the Boldin Trade

Ravens Trade Anquan Boldin to 49ers for 6th Round Pick


Where do I even begin? No one could have seen this trade coming. Trading our star wideout for a 6th round pick in the draft...and to the San Francisco 49ers?!? I honestly can see very little rationale behind this decision other than maybe the fact that John Harbaugh wanted to give Jim a reconciliation present. I understand that Boldin's contract deal was seeming more and more unlikely, but I speak for everyone when I say he is worth more than what he is being traded for here.

Hopefully we can get a strong defensive lineman or inside linebacker out of this in the draft, but I doubt we will find someone who can step up to replace Flacco's go-to man. We should look into getting free agent Danny Amendola, who could be a solid replacement for Boldin. Regardless, this is an opportunity for Tandon Doss and Jacoby Jones to step up and fill the gap, with Torrey Smith likely becoming our focal wide-out. I truly will miss Boldin's epic postseason catches and his skill in catching Flacco's beautiful deep passes.

Boldin adds to the receiving corps of Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Randy Moss making the San Francisco corps quite possibly the current best in the NFL. As if they weren't already set in this regard, Boldin just further spoils the 49er offense. This will be a dangerous team to face next year.