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Casa de Lewis

Ray Lewis' West Palm Beach House on Market for $5 mil.

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I'd like to introduce myself to the Baltimore Beatdown community as the latest member of the editorial staff. Although not originally from Baltimore, my father was born and raised in Northwood, and my undying love for the Ravens was solidified through countless visits to Baltimore during my childhood. I share the same passion for this team that you all do, and hope to spur discussion and insight with my stories. I will be posting every Monday and Thursday by 1pm EST.

In accordance with beginning a new chapter of his life, Ray Lewis has just put his 7 bedroom 9 bathroom West Palm Beach house on the market for just under $5,000,000. The Mediterranean style mansion features an elevator, 5 car garage, a couple elephant statues, and, naturally, a pool. The beachfront property is a 6,788 square ft. unit across 4 stories.

Seeing as Lewis recently accepted an offer to join Chris Berman and the Monday Night Countdown crew on ESPN, along with the fact his son is leaving to play for The University of Miami next fall, Lewis will have little need for such an extravagant abode. He will now have time to focus more on his his children's lives, and hopes to attend as many of his son's hurricane games as possible.

If you are interested in using the same bathroom Lewis did, or simply want to see how #52 lived, you can check out the property listing here