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Most Ravens Performing Well As Champions

So far, in the purple reign, our Ravens have performed admirably with the media, for the most part that is...


Weather it was Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh on David Letterman, Jacoby Jones on Jimmy Kimmle or Ed Reed... at the Emmey's? For the most part the Baltimore Ravens have been playing the role as World Champions to perfection.

Flacco, as the Super Bowl MVP has gotten a ton of attention from the media since the big game. From his trip to Disney Land to his many radio and TV show appearances he has been humble and smooth with everything thrown his way. The usually quiet quarterback even managed to come off as humerus on Letterman.

Head coach John Harbaugh has been his usually cool self in every situation, showing the country and the world that no stage is to big for him and he is calm cool and collected, when removed from the sidelines of an NFL game that is.

Fast growing Super Star Jacoby Jones has made his appearances on Kelly and Michael In The Morning and will now be showing off his dancing skills on dancing with the stars, where he is already one of the favorites to win the event. Jones has flashed his Ravens pride in just about every situation he has been in and looks to be a perfect fit for the Holly Wood scene.

Both Ray Lewis and Matt Birk have admirably retired. Neither player did too much or too little in handling themselves or their impending retirements after becoming the 2012 World Champions. they are both handling it as they should, like men.

If it weren't for the remarks made by Terrell Suggs this could be the perfect off season after the perfect end to a not so perfect season. Suggs' comments aren't the worst things in the world but they definitely didn't make himself or the team look any better in light of their great accomplishments this season. However, many fans seem to agree with him so, well, more power to him I guess. The man says what he feels. I have to give some credit to that.

Overall the team has been playing it cool and enjoying the ride and I and the rest of Ravens Nation are enjoying it all right there with them. Thanks again boys. Stay classy Baltimore!