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Suggs Says Back Up "Them Brink's Trucks" For Flacco

The Ravens outside linebacker goes on the record to say Flacco deserves to get paid, as well as touching on other topics in this interview.


Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs was interviewed on New York sports talk radio WFAN and the player never afraid to speak his mind and give his opinion did just that in a story on Sports Radio Interviews.

In the article, Suggs talks about his Achilles injury, why head coach John Harbaugh went crazy when the lights went out in the Super Bowl, Flacco's payday and his take on the whole "Deer Antler Spray" drama surrounding Ray Lewis.

As mentioned above regarding if Flacco deserves to get paid, Suggs' response was:

"I believe so. They need all them Brink’s trucks. I think he deserves it. Anytime you are as young as you are and it don’t take you 8-9 years to even go to the playoffs. He’s been in the playoffs every year."

T-Sizzle had little to say about the "Deer Antler Spray," saying:

"I have no idea about that. Let me go on the record: I have no idea what that stuff does."

Read (or listen to) the full interview by clicking on the link above.

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