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Anquan Boldin "Will Retire" If Not Kept By Ravens


After falling just short of a championship at every level of the game since a child, Anquan Boldin finally reahed the pinacle of all sporting events this year after winning Super Bowl 47. He is a loser no more. But with a contract that requires the Ravens to pay Boldin $6-milliion next year, the question that presents itself is will he be cut or not?

Well half of the process of keeping a player is having the full interest of the player who you're trying to bring back. Well the Baltimore Ravens certainly have the interest of Anquan Boldin. In fact, in a recent interview with Pro Football Talk Boldin stated:

"Baltimore is the only place I want to play. It’s the last place that I will play. For me, I’ll retire a Raven, I’m not putting on any other uniform.”

I know, as a Ravens fan, that it is definitely encouraging to hear something like that from one of our players, and I know just about everyone involved (fans, players, coaches, etc...) would love to see Boldin back with the Ravens. The only problem that the Ravens might run into is the price of keeping him. WIth a myriad of high-priced UFAs coming up this season, who the Ravens can hardly afford to re-sign as it is, it might be tough to stretch the wallet enough to keep "Q" in purple.

Your thoughts?