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Ravens Draft Day Needs

What positions will be most imperative for the Baltimore Ravens come draft day?


We really can only speculate at this point while we do not know who the Baltimore Ravens will be bringing back and who will be let go. As of this moment we know the team needs desperate help on the offensive and defensive lines and could probably use more depth at safety and wide receiver, especially if they were to lose Ed Reed and/or Anquan Boldin.

The Ravens need a future left tackle and someone who could be a dominant inside pass rusher but those guys usually go early in the first round and the Ravens might either have to trade up for someone they want or trade back to gamble on shear numbers, in hopes that one of them might work out.

The biggest area of need come this off season may be at inside line backer however. Ray Lewis is retiring and Jameel McClain is not guaranteed to come back at 100 percent in 2013. If the team loses outside linebacker Paul Kruger, who was the teams best pass rusher last season, they will be in need of depth at that position as well.

It will be interesting to see weather the team decides to trade back for more picks or move up to get a highly touted player as this may dictate how many of the players on their 2012 roster they plan on keeping around. If they trade their earliest pick for several mid round picks it may mean that they are content letting several players test the free agent market and attempt to "re-tool" through the draft. If they see someone they must have at a position of great need, such as linebacker or left tackle, it could mean that the Ravens are going to try and find creative ways to keep some of the home grown talent they already have on their roster.

As usual draft day will be an interesting for the fans of the purple and black. Even with the low draft picks I'm sure Ozzie Newsome and company will strike gold somewhere in the draft and whoever they do draft may show us, as fans, what the organization is thinking for the future of their own players.