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Todd McShay's Mock Draft: Ravens Pick

ESPN NFL Draft guru Todd McShay completed his most recent mock draft now that the final order has been determined.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are happy to be picking in the 32nd slot of the 2013 NFL Draft come April, but that means the pickings will be a lot slimmer than had they picked in the late teens to early twenties, as most so-called experts had them as one-and-done in the playoffs.

Shows what they know and while they may not be getting the guy they would have taken earlier in the draft, GM Ozzie Newsome and his front office staff always find a way to either get a great player or trade back for additional picks and still get a first-round talent.

ESPN Insider NFL Draft brainiac Todd McShay makes his attempt at just one of what will be a ton of Mock Drafts we will see between now and draft day and while they usually get the first few picks correct, the majority of the draft is changed by trades and a few surprising picks along the way.

Here is who McShay has the Ravens taking with the 32nd selection:

Baltimore Ravens

Record: 10-6

Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama

The newly crowned Super Bowl champs would love to find a future left tackle to groom, but probably won't with the last pick in the first round. Possible replacements for MLB Ray Lewis and S Ed Reed might also be reaches at this point. General manager Ozzie Newsome is an Alabama guy and knows Williams well. He's not flashy, but Williams is the kind of big, tough, selfless defensive linemen who can occupy blockers and make average linebackers and safeties look much better as run defenders.