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Ozzie Newsome's Focus On The Offseason


Defense. Defense. Defense. Oh what to do with our old, decaying defense. A retired legend, a free-agent legend, a few free-agent linebackers, and a free-agent cornerback? Well Ozzie Newsome thinks the key to this problem is shoring up the middle of the defense:

“The middle of the defense,” he said. “We think we have to get better at defensive tackle. We know that one linebacker is retiring and another one is a free agent. We have a safety that is a free agent, and some young guys that have yet to step up. So, we would say the middle of the defense is probably the one area that we will concentrate on.” (Via BaltimoreRavens)

The middle of the defense is definitely of concern and I think Ozzie will be angling towards finding a solution to the question "who will replace Ray Lewis?" the most. Your thoughts?