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Super Bowl Sound FX

NFL Videos had a bunch of players and coaches "mic'd" up for Super Bowl 47, including Joe Flacco, who said after he was named MVP, "I get a car?"

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In a story from USA Today, there is an embedded NFL Video of Sound FX, where players and coaches are recorded so fans can see what really goes on during the game out of normal range during the actual broadcast. Coaches ride the officials on both calls and non-calls. Players chat with each other, on things related and non-related to the game.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco told his teammates he was going to jump out on the field if San Francisco 49ers kick returner Ted Ginn, Jr., broke loose on the game's final play. After being named Super Bowl MVP, someone pointed out that he won a car, prompting him to say, "I get a car? Do I really? I get a car!"

It's a great 6-7 minute summary video of the game's final moments plus the players' reactions on both sides once the final seconds clicked off the clock and the Ravens victory was secured.

Check it out and enjoy!