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Who Should Raven Keep?

Which players should the Ravens keep next season and which should go?

Jim McIsaac

The Ravens have a laundry list of players that they will need to make decisions on before the start of next season. Which players should be at the top of the "keeper list"? Which players could they afford to do without? We will go over the the top five today.

A strong case can always be made for certain players when a team is coming off of a Super Bowl winning season. There are several key contributors from the 2012 season that could potentially not be with the team next season.

1.) Anquan Boldin:

Once again Joe Flacco is faced with losing his go-to possession receiver. He didn't seem to miss Dereck Mason that much but Anquan is still a highly productive receiver and he proved that in the 2012 playoffs. Once the Ravens started to use him correctly, he couldn't be stopped.

2.) Cary Williams:

Williams was the Raves top corner in 2012. He led the team in interceptions and pass deflections. He was the only consistant corner back they had from the start of the season to the finish. With Lardarius Webb's injury history can the Ravens afford to lose Williams?

3.)Ed Reed:

Reed has been a staple in the Ravens defense since he joined the team. The duo of Reed and Lewis has been the benchmark for football in the city of Baltimore for a decade.However, with his injury and tackling issues combined with the money another team may be willing to thrrow his way, can the Ravens afford to keep him around another year?

4.) Paul Kruger:

Kruger was the teams most consistant and dominant pass rusher in 2012. With Terrell Suggs injured for most of the season and still a bit hobbled upon his return can Baltimore affford to lose, what may be, their only pass rushing threat? Chances are Suggs will rebound next season but nothing is for sure...

5.) Dannell Ellerbe:

Again, he was the Ravens most consistent linebacker once he was made a starter in 2012. With Ray Lewis retiring and the linebacking core extremely thin behind Ellerbe and Jameel McClain, can the team do without him? I would think he has to be a top priority...

What do you think? who should stay and who should go?